We had a wonderful breakfast with senior faith leaders in Portland to celebrate World Interfaith Harmony week. The week was declared a holiday by the United Nations a few years ago. We heard an inspiring keynote, Reenie spoke about the history of the holiday and the historic Harrison Street building we met in, and then several leaders shared some “best practices” about how different faiths can work together to feed the hungry and house the homeless. It was awesome!

Just back from a wonderful time in Ashland, Oregon! Had a week full of plays and shopping, staying at the Coolidge House, just a few doors up from the theaters. Best Othello we’ve ever seen (props to an amazing Iago) and we really enjoyed a new play called “The Way the Mountain Moved.” Went with our dear friends the Johnsons, and spied A LOT of deer. They roamed the streets like they do in Nara, Japan. Magic.


 Just back from the best writing workshop experience I’ve ever had: the week-long Writing and Illustrating for Young Writers Full Novel Class. It’s a mouthful, but totally worth it! Instructor Heidi Taylor Gordon from Shadow Mountain was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. Great discussions, helpful feedback, wonderful writers/participants. Two thumbs up!


Welcome to my new blog and website! If you follow me I’ll promise not to over do it. I plan to share a few exciting moments associated with writing and publishing books, some crazy things that happen to me, and some interesting events that I think will shape the world in helpful ways. That’s it. My personal rules: no politics (because I know most of you are tired of rants), and positive posts only (because we all know things that are wrong, but long to see more things that are right and/or funny).