Kimball Fisher


Kimball writes fiction for young readers and non-fiction for older ones. He retired in 2015 from a successful career as a leadership and team effectiveness consultant to write full time. His hobbies include crafting stained-glass windows, turning hand-made pens, gardening, drawing the annual family Christmas card, golfing, snorkeling, collecting walking sticks and porcelain houses, and going on adventures with his amazing wife Reenie. They live in Portland, Oregon, where a variety of wild animals visit their backyard, including coyotes, hawks, owls, opossums, racoons, and bobcats.


Biography: Kimball Fisher has a masters degree in Organizational Behavior from BYU, where he graduated first in his class. His bachelors degree was in Humanities, Classics, and Comparative Literature with minors in Japanese and Asian Studies. He ran The Fisher Group, Inc. with his wife and partner, Mareen, for twenty-one years, serving about twenty percent of the Fortune 100 as clients. Kimball was the first recipient of the prestigious William G. Dyer Distinguished Alumni award.