Just back from a wonderful time in Ashland, Oregon! Had a week full of plays and shopping, staying at the Coolidge House, just a few doors up from the theaters. Best Othello we’ve ever seen (props to an amazing Iago) and we really enjoyed a new play called “The Way the Mountain Moved.” Went with our dear friends the Johnsons, and spied A LOT of deer. They roamed the streets like they do in Nara, Japan. Magic.


 Just back from the best writing workshop experience I’ve ever had: the week-long Writing and Illustrating for Young Writers Full Novel Class. It’s a mouthful, but totally worth it! Instructor Heidi Taylor Gordon from Shadow Mountain was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. Great discussions, helpful feedback, wonderful writers/participants. Two thumbs up!


Welcome to my new blog and website! If you follow me I’ll promise not to over do it. I plan to share a few exciting moments associated with writing and publishing books, some crazy things that happen to me, and some interesting events that I think will shape the world in helpful ways. That’s it. My personal rules: no politics (because I know most of you are tired of rants), and positive posts only (because we all know things that are wrong, but long to see more things that are right and/or funny).